Practice Aids

Click here for a detailed rehearsal timetable for Spring 2024, including the planned focus areas for each session.

Rehearsal files

A number of websites provide rehearsal aids to help you practise your part.  Below are some free or reasonably priced ones.  You can bookmark them / add to favourites (or download in the case of John Fletcher), to avoid having to come back here each time.


Click here for the Verdi Requiem on Cyberbass

Best for: if you just want to play your line online on your computer / tablet / phone etc. However you can't download the files to play offline or to write them to a CD.  Click on your voice part next to the required movement to begin.  A useful feature allows you to play a tricky section in an endless loop (by specifying the start and end times in seconds.  For example, to loop between 3m and 3m20s, enter 180 and 200 as the start and end times.)


John Fletcher Music

Click here for the Verdi Requiem on John Fletcher Music (FREE - out of copyright)

From the link above, click on 'Click here for the sound files' and then the mp3 file for your part.  (On a computer you can also right click on the mp3 file and download it, so that next time you can just click on the file on your computer.)

Best for: downloading files so you can play them offline, load them onto a phone/mp3 player, or write them to a CD.  (You can also play them online but it's fiddly to navigate to the files each time.)

Out of copyright works can be played for free without registering.  For copyright works, you need to register and purchase an individual premium membership which costs £4.40 for 4 months, or £11 for a year.  It's good value as JF covers a vast array of pieces.

The files are now stored on an unwieldy site called Dropbox; ignore all offers to try/join/signup/copy to Dropbox as you don't need to.  Also ignore files ending in .sib, .mid or .mxl - you only need the .mp3 files.


Many of the more popular works have rehearsal aids (and performances) on Youtube. Use your preferred search engine to search for the name of the piece + rehearsal aids + youtube to find one that you like e.g. search for: brahms requiem rehearsal aids youtube

Click here for the Danish National Symphony Orchestra performance of the Verdi Requiem on Youtube.