Practice Aids

Rehearsal files

The only rehearsal aids I could find for the summer pieces are on John Fletcher Music.  

As these are copyright works, you would need to register and purchase an individual premium membership which costs £4.40 for 4 months, or £11 for a year.  It's good value as JF covers a vast array of pieces.

Rutter Birthday Madrigals

Vaughan Williams Three Shakespeare Songs

(There are no rehearsal aids available for the Stroman.)

Click on a link above, then the required piece, and 'Click here for the sound files' and then the mp3 file for your part.  (On a computer you can also right click on the mp3 file and download it, so that next time you can just click on the file on your computer.  When doing that, choose "Or continue with download only" at the bottom).  Ignore all offers to try/join/signup/copy to Dropbox as you don't need to!